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Professionals, recruitment agencies, employers: welcome to your new home.

Recruitd is a social network that gives all parties
in the professional lifecycle an easier, faster
and more reliable way to work together.


Cut through the noise online, build networks of relevant people who can progress your career, and discover recruitment agencies and employers that hire for your skills.


Stand out in a saturated marketplace, emphasise skills you hire for and industries you serve, and attract real reviews and revenue from real people and real businesses.


Hire faster by showcasing your culture, team and employer value proposition on a platform built for authentic content and get access to the highest rated recruitment agencies.

Build Relevant Networks

A professional network should be based on relevance, not just on how many people are in the network. Recruitd's recommendation engine suggests agencies and employers that hire for specific skills, as well as influential professionals to follow and network with, all within the first five seconds of sign-up.


Tell Your Story

Recruitd profiles are designed to convey all of the pertinent information about a professional, recruitment agency or employer, in as little time as possible. This is achieved by zeroing-in on skills, ensuring skills are validated by professional and company reviews, and giving users the tools to showcase their abilities and experience on a platform built for authentic content.



Reduce Time To Hire

There is nothing more outdated in the recruitment industry than the the 'preferred supplier list'. It is not agile, does not account for emerging skills and is not based on merit. With recruitd, employers can instantly post open positions to the highest-rated recruitment agencies based on the skills that they hire for, industry expertise and real reviews from real professionals and real companies.

Show, Don't Tell

Not every day is going to be a memorable or momentous occasion, but there are many days that are worth shouting about. Recruitd introduces professional highlights; an authentic way to broadcast the game-changing occasions in your career or business story.

Matching Skills

The primary and most important data for any professional to understand about an employer or agency and vice versa is the alignment of skills. Recruitd's skills-matching technology puts the most pertinent information right at your fingertips so you can instantly understand if you would like to explore a profile further.



Recruitd is founded on the premise of creating true transparency in recruitment. Professionals, agencies and employers can use it to fuel the most powerful engine for feedback, validation and referral - reviews. Whether seen by your network or the wider recruitd community, your review-based rating will provide hard data that backs up your professional story, skills and identity.


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